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Русская православная община церкви св. апостолов Петра и Павла г. Амберга поздравляет супругов Хельмтруд и Николая Егоровых с бриллиантовой свадьбой.

Божией помощи, здоровья и многая лета желают супругам прихожане, а также протоирей Николай Артемов и священник Виктор Вдовиченко.

Big Applesauce: The majority of the movie takes place in New

Generally the movie did not play well with musicians. Big Applesauce: The majority of the movie takes place in New York City. Band of Relatives: The Connelly Brothers Child Prodigy: August, though as noted, solidly in Artistic License Music territory. (In Real Life, even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent a few years studying music theory before he wrote his first simple compositions, whereas August is apparently able to compose for full orchestra within a few hours of the first time he ever sees music notation.

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